How to add a listing

If you would like to add your business, accommodation or event to this website, the process is easy. Just follow the steps below

1. Click on the ‘Add a listing’

at the top right of this website window, or go directly to


2. Select the type of listing category

Summary of the listing categories:


Any type of accommodation including, holiday rentals, resorts, motels & hotels, camping, apartments, pet friendly etc.


Any event that the public is invited to. Free or paid.  Event types could include sports, music, food & drink, arts & culture, professional services to name a few. 

Food & Drink

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, bakeries, food stalls etc.

Things to do

Tours and activities. All land, water and air activities, for example, mountain biking tours, surf schools, hot air ballooning.  Plus, any activities that aren’t a tour. For example arts classes, museums, galleries,  groups. Kids activities (if not a tour).


Local businesses that don’t come under the above categories. For example, trades services, professional services, medical, other types of retail shops, government, agencies, etc. If you’re a business, you can list here.


3. Click ‘Buy package’

– if it’s free for the first 6 months, you won’t be charged and you aren’t obliged to keep listing after your free months. You will need to create an account with your name and contact details (we only contact you via email regarding your listing).

Fill in your details:

Business name – the name of your business or listing title

    • Location – if you would like the address of your listing added, this shows on a map. Type your address in the location field where it says “eg: 1 example street Lennox Head”. As you type your address in, Google will show an option(s) to match your address – select the correct address that appears.  Don’t copy and paste your address from elsewhere, it must be typed in manually for the Google maps location to work. If you don’t want to add an address, leave this field blank.
    • Category – click on this field and wait for the categories to load. Then select the appropriate category from the dropdown list. You can have more than one category. If you can’t find a suitable category for your business please contact us, you can leave that field blank if you wish.
    • Add a cover image – this is the main image that will show for your business as a thumbnail and the first on the main banner. Best sizes are 2000 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. JPEG (JPG) format only. Please optimise your images for the web. No images above 200kb in size will be allowed.  There are a number of free websites to resize and optimise your images (do a Google search for these). Photoshop is an excellent software program to do this but it is a paid software and requires technical knowledge. If you need us to help you upload your images and add your listing please contact us.
    • Add Gallery images – these are for extra images to highlight your business. Please follow the image guidelines for the cover image.
    • Add your phone number – optional
    • Add your email – optional
    • Add your website – optional
    • Social networks – optional 

We recommend using at least one of the above so that viewers can contact you or find out more about your business.

4. Preview & Submit

– see how your listing will look. or you can skip this step by clicking ‘skip preview and submit’.


If you can’t submit your listing please check the form and make sure you’ve filled in all the correct fields. Also make sure any images aren’t too big, if they are they won’t be allowed – error messages will show for any incorrect fields. If you have checked and still can’t submit your details, please contact us.