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Summary of the listing categories above


Any type of accommodation including, holiday rentals, resorts, motels & hotels, camping, apartments, pet friendly etc.


Any event that the public is invited to. Free or paid.  Event types could include sports, music, food & drink, arts & culture, professional services to name a few. 

Food & Drink

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, bakeries, food stalls etc.

Things to do

Tours and activities. All land, water and air activities, for example, mountain biking tours, surf schools, hot air ballooning.  Plus, any activities that aren’t a tour. For example arts classes, museums, galleries,  groups. Kids activities (if not a tour).


Local businesses that don’t come under the above categories. For example, trades services, professional services, medical, other types of retail shops, government, agencies, etc. If you’re a business, you can list here.

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